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50 Cent and a Crafty Saturday : Raising Kentucky

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50 Cent and a Crafty Saturday by Leanna at Raising Kentucky

Last week, 50 Cent posted some pretty ignorant and inflammatory tweets.  If you haven’t heard the story, some guy was giving 50 grief on twitter and 50 responded, “i just saw your picture fool you look autistic.”  Then he went to further say that he didn’t want any “special ed kids” on his timeline.  As you can imagine this has started quite the firestorm in the autism community.  Holly Robinson-Pete very eloquently responded to 50’s tweets on her HollyRod Foundation website {here}.  

All this made me wonder what 50 Cent (and society as a whole) thinks autism looks like and I’m not the only one.  Some other mothers created a flash blog {here} to answer this question.
This is what autism looks like in our house:
Saturday morning bed head

Playing on the monkey bars

Loving the doggy

Sharing with Daddy

Being silly with Mommy

Playing with cousins

At our house autism looks pretty darn cute.  Now don't get me wrong there is a far less cute side that involves 2 hour tantrums, a never ending battle to just try and understand my child's needs, juggling a full-time job outside the home with doctor's appointments, therapy sessions, and all the normal mommy stuff.  But all-in-all Lennon is a remarkable kiddo with many more abilities than disabilities.  Not that I was planning on it any way, but I won't be buying any 50 Cent on iTunes. Ever.

I took out all my 50 Cent frustration on a craft project yesterday afternoon.

I have this lamp that I love, but its kind of an awkward height.  Its really too tall to be a table lamp, but too short to be a floor lamp.

It has sat awkwardly in the corner of my great room by the dining table for almost 2 years and I finally found a solution.  I found a black pressed board corner desk at a garage sale yesterday morning for $5.  I bought 2 cans of slate gray spray paint to paint the body and top of the desk.


 I took the cardboard back off and cut fabric to cover it.

I had planned to staple the fabric on, but when I couldn’t find the stapler, I subbed my trusty hot glue gun.


Give me a 2 hour afternoon naptime, 2 cans of spray paint, some scrap fabric, and a hot glue gun and I can turn my frown upside down ☺ .  Oh yeah, and 50 Cent is an ignorant jerk.


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