Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ancora Impartial: What Autistic Looks Like

Rebel Souls and Reinventing Mommy are collecting posts for What Autistic Looks Like in response to 50 cent's offensive tweets "you look autistic, fool" and "I don't want special ed kids on my timeline, go follow someone else".

What does autism look like? Thats a damn good question.
When I look in the mirror, I see someone who looks like most everyone else.... though better looking.
When I signed up to fight for my country, they saw no difference in me, than any other soldier. Yes, I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and yes, I do sometimes lose my cool (have a meltdown), but years of dealing with people like YOU (50 cent) had taught me that it wasn't okay to show my flaws.
I hid them, and did it pretty well, for years. And now it has come full circle.
I had graduated an advance program at my high school.
I had early acceptance into college.
I got a degree in english, and went on to law school.
I was in Special Education classes the entire time!
I served my country, 2002-2003, for 18mo in Iraq as a medic.
I practiced law for a corporation in Illinois.
I came back into the Army, as an officer, a leader, in 2009.
I married my amazing wife the same year.
And my twins were born to ring in the new year.
I have thrived.
And I have autism.

My son is being evaluated for autism.
He was born premature.
Intubated so he could breathe.
Had heart surgery in his first week of life.
Was given slim chances of survival.
He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
We were told he may never walk or run.
And he came through, as a strong and amazing little guy.
He is 2.5yrs old now.
He walks.
He runs.
He speaks.
He loves and is loved.
He is even learning how to read.
He has thrived.

Just your average kid

Could you pick our Autism out of a crowd?

Does he look "retarded" or "special ed" to you?


I train medics to save lives

My soldiers don't seem to view my leadership any different.


And all my soldiers trust me, wholeheartedly with their lives....

....and your freedom.

So, asshole....think twice about who you talk crap about.

I've got all my friends and over 2,000 soldiers who've got my back...

...what about you?

And maybe, when you've done something real with your life, just maybe, your opinion will matter.
This post was originally posted on Ancora Impartial and is reposted here with permission. 


  1. :: stands and applauds ::

    So very well said.

  2. Love it. Love you. You're awesome. But you knew that.

  3. PW/AS, of course he knows, he's sure to tell us so all the time ;) but, I agree, his huge ego isn't without reason. I adore you, Sir. Loved reading this, as always.