Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Autism Looks Like...Tylerisms for the Autistic Soul

This year there have been 3 (so far) very public "gaffs" about autistic/retarded people. Since the "R" word is currently being phased out it has seemed like they are looking for a new word to use in order to insult others or to be funny with. However, from what I have seen, no one in the autism community is laughing. The pages are banding together. We all want to educate the public on what autism looks like, because sadly there seems to be some confusion on that front. So...this is what autism looks like, to me.

Autism is: A person, just like everyone else. See those people on that thermal imager? Only the one up front has autism, yet they are all lit up the same.

Autism is: Something as simple as a stuffed animal can make everything all better.

Autism is: I like cuddling with my mom, long past the age where my peers don't cuddle with their moms. Nor do I care what people say about this.

Autism is: I always see things with new eyes. My wonderment and fascination never stop growing.

Autism is: no fear. My sister wouldn't dare stick her hand in this tank filled with stingrays. I never even paused to think about what worried her. I am not afraid to push myself outside the box.

Autism is: I love my lap top. It is my most prized obsession. I love video games, and I've probably kicked your butt in one or two of them.

Autism is: There is no one in this world I love like I love my sister. She is my best friend. I do everything with her. I don't like other people, but I like her. No matter what.

My name is Tyler. I have high functioning autism. I have it. It does not have me. There is nothing wrong with the way I look. There is nothing wrong with the things that I do. I am different. Not less. I am not a joke or a pun.

People get their panties in a bunch over autism. I really don't understand it. They freak out. EEWW NOT THE DREADED AUTISM!!! Is it contagious?! :( Unfortunately not. It would make a world of an improvement on some people. You know, without wouldn't have all the things you enjoy so much. No t.v., no cell phone, no video games, no cars.... Without the obsessions that drive the autistic you wouldn't have any modern advancements. Their inability to let things go until they figure it out is what drives progress. "Normal" people...when something doesn't work and they can't force it to work....they give up. Not an autistic. They push and push. They keep looking at the old with new eyes. Until it clicks.

Keep making fun of the autistic's. One day you will know their names. They will be the ones bringing in the new advancements. They will be your boss. Then we'll check back in to see if you're still laughing. I rather doubt it.

Everyone should listen to this song.
Please think, before you speak.
This post was first published on Tylerisms for the Autistic Soul and is reposted here with permission.


  1. Beautiful. Every last one of these posts. So proud to be a part of this.

  2. Thank you for creating this blog. When I heard about what 50 cent tweeted I immediately got very angry and protective. My boys have autism ... but do they "look" autistic. There is no such thing to look a certain way. My immediate thought was Well if 50 cent thought someone looked "autistic" that person must be angelic and beautiful. This blog is wonderful.. Thank you

  3. I am different. Not less. AMEN!