Monday, July 9, 2012

What Autistic Looks Like by Suz at Autism: In Our Own Words

Reproduced with permission from the author - Suz at Autism: In Our Own Words:

You may be aware of the furore that has come to be as a result of the utterly offensive recent tweets by rapper 50 cent. Or you may not be aware of them. If you don’t know about them, I am sorry to put this in your headspace but it needs to be done.
To his 6 million twitter followers, 50 cent tweeted “yeah I just saw your picture fool you look autistic” and this “I don’t want no special ed kids on my timeline follow someone else”. Charming isn’t it? Heartbreaking isn’t it?
In response, this blog has started up. Parents are sharing what “autistic looks like” for them, in their lives, their homes, their kids. Go and check it out. We must not let “autistic” become a word of abuse, of hatred.
I love this site. I love what we are creating here. I love that we can help families living with autism, however it looks, to build connections, forge community and strengthen our voices.
So, today I am sharing a little more of me and my family with you.
This is the Batsman. He has autism. He is deeply loved and cherished.
This is what autistic looks like.
1st birthday
2nd birthday
3rd birthday
4th birthday
5th birthday
Love you more than words could ever express my boy.

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